Royal Fern Skincare, a hybrid between modern a science-based doctor brand and a natural skincare line. The perfect symbiosis of highly effective substances from nature and modern anti-aging cell research.

Fern is the core of this new skin care series.

The fern’s roots and leaves contain valuable substances which positively influence the signs of skin aging.
Fern extracts protect the skin’s sensitive cell DNA
Protect against light-induced skin aging and skin cancer
Prevent the reduction of collagen and elastin
Stimulate the production of new collagen
High anti-oxidant potential
Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect

Developed by Renowned German dermatologist Dr Tim Golueke, Anti-aging expert with certified additional qualifications. With clinics in Munich and London, Royal Fern Skincare launched in early 2015.

The purely biological complex was developed with a team around the internationally recognized chemist and research scientist Professor Dr. Leonard Zastrow.