T2M is a Melbourne-based strategic sales and consultancy firm representing today’s most innovative, unique, outspoken and edgy brands found around the globe.

We offer solutions to sales, buying, communication and business development. With over 15 years of experience and well-established relationships with retailers and industry professionals, our main goal is to provide imaginative business solutions and make sure that our brands meet their target goals and desired results.

We cover all areas of designer fragrance and niche beauty distribution by preparing the brands for the market entry and by taking care of the logistics in Australia and New Zealand, USA, Canada & Israel.

In addition, we partner with local PR agencies in each region to curate our brands’ image and values coherently and to guarantee impeccable results within online and offline publicity.

Working with T2M Sensory is about bringing your brand to life in each region in the best way possible.



Our team have 15+ years experience working with international brands. We provide a range of training and support to all our customers that will ensure your brands success.

PR &

We make sure your brand is positioned in the market in the right way, to encourage sales & longevity is at the heart of how we launch and manage labels.


We take a long-term view with all our clients, both brands & retailers alike, so everyone’s needs can be met within the sales cycle.levitra generico online


Founding Director

Specialising in the distribution of artisan designer fashion, footwear, fragrance and wellness brands, the group has a core goal of bringing these products to market in a way that represents the quality and focus that each label puts into its own creation.

Over the past 15 years Shmuel has built long lasting relationships with brands from all over the globe, from New York to Berlin, he has been able to select the best in category of artisan, custom designed and bespoke products to distribute in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & Israel.

Shmuel's love of travel and style has taken him along a path that has led to the T2M Group of companies, the cornerstone to his success is being able to build and maintain longstanding relationships with retailers in each region. Adapting to the substantial industry change over recent years, to stay relevant, in tune and connected in the ways that matter most to the brands he represents.

Shmuel Tal has built a strong team of international partners and a dedicated team that aim to consistently bring superiority in service through excellent attention to detail, honesty, hands-on solutions, and refined brand education. With direct relationships in place with some of the world's leading retailers crossing from fashion to fragrance, working with T2M Fashion, and T2M Sensory to bring access and commercial success to the brands they represent.

Providing full circle service from product inception to marketing, sales, PR, in store training and consumer led events, the team at T2M go above and beyond for brand and client alike.

T2M sees the future of retail and designer product distribution as bright, as technology changes the industry, people's desire to seek out that which is unique and artisan becomes more and more pressing and the team at T2M are clearly focused on capturing this market both now and in years to come.

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