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Living a Sober Life Isn’t as Scary as You Think

June 1, 2022

Just imagine the vacation you can afford to go on since you are saving money. Utilize your free time in nature to explore outside of your comfort zones. Often we stay within our comfort zone because doing so is comfortable and it is safe. You can experience an incredible thrill in trying new activities and exploring new places. You may notice that stepping out of your comfort zone can help you maintain your mental health and overall well-being. Explore new places, try new activities, and reach out in directions you never thought you would. You are a powerful person, and addiction no longer controls you. Addiction consumed you, and you probably forgot all of the activities you once enjoyed. Spending time in nature can help you in so many different ways, both with yourself and with those you love. Abuse of drugs andalcohol is harmful to almost every organ in the body, and chronic and long-termsubstance abuse can even cause conditions and diseases that threaten one’slife.

Therefore, becoming sober after suffering from addiction is no small feat. Many people don’t get the opportunity to have such a vital second chance. To ensure that your second chance at life doesn’t go to waste, focus on self-improvement. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success. Remember to care for yourself, seek supportive relationships, and consider seeking help from a therapist. Many people who misuse alcohol or drugs have trouble dealing with anger. If left unchecked, anger can have a negative impact on your health and your lasting sobriety. To avoid relapse and remain sober, it’s important to develop healthy relationships.

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You can use it to work on your hobbies, learn new skills, spend time with your loved ones, work out, or anything else you please. Here are some ideas to try that will help you learn to enjoy life sober and will help you stay active, social and entertained. Chronically abusing substances has many more negative effects on human health. For example, chronic abuse of substances can cause you to either lose or gain an unhealthily large amount of weight. Therefore, when you become sober, your weight will likely stabilize itself. If you’re involved in a 12-step program, you likely already know the importance of milestones. In these programs, it’s customary to receive plastic chips as you progress to the one-year mark, at which time you receive a bronze coin.

  • Perhaps you enjoy the way that alcohol helps you cope with the stress of your job.
  • If there were only undesirable effects, you wouldn’t keep drinking.
  • I am glad to hear that you have a positive experience attending.
  • You may be surprised at all of the benefits you experience and enjoy.
  • For еxаmрlе, уоu mіght рuѕh уоurѕеlf to ѕtаrt еxеrсіѕіng аgаіn, оr to gо bасk to соllеgе аnd fіnіѕh а dеgrее.
  • Or if you’re ambitious, you might plan a nice vacation each time you’ve stayed sober for another five years.

Part of living a sober life is establishing healthy boundaries and understanding the negative or positive impact of the people and things you choose to surround yourself with. As you continue to live a sober life, setting these boundaries will become more natural and you will reap the benefits daily. If you are just learning how to live sober, it is ever important to know that you are not alone. There are people in similar shoes as you, who also desire to make a positive change. They may be sitting next to you in your 12-step program or living in your sober dorm. Find friends who understand your struggle, and unlike your past drug-using buddies, will encourage you to succeed.

Name Your Fears About Sobriety

Learn that you have choices and that you can maintain control. If any area of your life is out of control, it will not help you maintain lasting sobriety. Consider reaching out to a vocational rehabilitation counselor or career coach to help you update your resume, practice job interview skills, and locate jobs that match your skills and experience. A structured routine will help you achieve other goals in your life, whether they are short-term or long-term .
living a sober life
You may decide that you are better off entering a medical treatment facility or signing up for a stay at a sober living home. Or, you might decide to benefit from entering therapy at your local mental health office. Some people are scared to get sober because they think they won’t have any fun. In reality, though, sober people can have even more fun! Instead of spending Saturday morning hungover in bed, you can get out and hike at a new park, bike a local trail, or go out for lunch with friends.

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Whether you’re an addict or you are simply looking to improve your health, here are 14 reasons sobriety makes your life healthier, more fulfilling, and more fun. Much of our social behaviors involve the use of substances in one form or another. Even if you’re not an addict, living a sober lifestyle can seem like a difficult feat. Treatment goals seriously and shows notable progress, then a three-month stay at a sober living program might suffice. Then, the determination and support they have to reach those goals. Working through all of those overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings in a group setting provides sober living residents with more of a sense of true belonging. Furthermore, this allows the residents to be offered and receive support from like-minded women or men. During the addiction treatment healing process, you will need an adequate amount of space and time to heal.
living a sober life
Everything from media to friends tells us that the response to a bad day at work is to have a stiff drink. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health or substance abuse, we can help. They serve as the roadmap to our future – towards college, a successful career, healthier relationships, physical strength, emotional and spiritual health. Unlike New Year’s resolutions, personal goals are not typically dropped off or left behind. I think that most people like you, try to sugar-coat your new and depressing lives, so you can try and convince yourself it’s better. I really don’t buy it, but if you’re really, genuinely a happier person without drugs, then by all means, I wish you the best!

There’s no easy pass for me anymore, no more getting drunk and slipping past the part where you get to know each other. There’s no more not caring if they see your cellulite or whatever you’re hiding under there; and you will, once and for all, discover that sex is never like in the movies. It is an awkward, vulnerable dance between two awkward, vulnerable humans. It’s part of the sobriety package, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sobriety can be an incredible way to shed relationships you’ve outgrown as well as find new ones that align with your new values.

However long you think you can go without drinking or using drugs, do that, and then tackle the next section of time. If you’re dealing with an addiction, consider seeking treatment and help with both the withdrawal process and the steps to come. Imagine how much money you would have at the end of a year if you took the money you’re spending on drinks or drugs and put it into a savings account. But once you’re sober, those doors start to open back up again. You have more energy and resources to put into doing the best work you can at your job, and you discover that you don’t have to stay in that toxic relationship. Think about all the amazing things you could be doing when you’re spending time in a bar, getting high, or drinking at home.

There are many ways in which lifeis improved once a person becomes sober, in addition to the obvious benefits(no more hangovers, hospitalizations, jail time, etc.). You have a whole newyear ahead of you, which means there are many chances for you to make the mostof your new life. On a fundamental level, you should ensure that you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet. You must also make sure that you’re getting plenty of sleep. In order to live a life of sobriety after living a life of addiction, a person will need to make several changes living a sober life to the way they live their life. Because addiction takes so much away from a person’s life, they usually start out with very little when they finally decide to get sober. I think that it is the process of having to work for everything again that makes us appreciate it even more. People in long term recovery know how fragile this can be and therefore learn to value these things more than they did before. At a certain point, I got sick of cleaning up the messes I made while I was drunk, especially when I couldn’t even remember what I did.
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Cell phone policies vary from home to home, as do pet policies. Some homes allow cell phones and pets if they aren’t disruptive. Others may limit or restrict cell phone and internet access because they can act as triggers that could lead to relapse. Creating healthier alternatives is a key to maintaining sobriety, and it can be a powerful tool in your recovery. Prioritizing self-care and self-awareness are essential to your self-growth, Sober Home and these new healthier habits can help you along the way. Many people have a difficult time when they have to give up their old habits. If they don’t have any healthier alternatives to make up for the loss, they may find themselves in a vicious cycle of self-destructive behavior. I don’t have that much sex, and that’s more like me saying, I no longer lower my standards and sleep with just anyone because of beer goggles.

However, some of us may find ourselves feeling down, lamenting past years and previous versions of ourselves. Maybe you’re newly sober and the pink cloud never showed up for you or you’re struggling to adjust to a sober lifestyle. Many people have a hard time making the transition after rehab, but all hope is not lost. You CAN do this and you WILL eventually settle into a sober life. It might sound counter-intuitive, but drinking or using drugs really isn’t that much fun. Think about it – being intoxicated might feel good for a while, but are you really enjoying yourself? Being sober lets you push your boundaries and have fun in ways that aren’t possible when you’re drunk or high. You can travel to different places, try new things, and just be present in your life – and that’s always more fulfilling than checking out with a drink. When you suffer from addiction, you become so obsessed with obtaining more alcohol or drugs that you stop investing in your relationships with other people. In fact, the selfish behaviors that often come with addiction often break the relationships that you have with others.
living a sober life
It’s easy to confuse sober living houses with rehab centers or halfway houses, but there are some stark differences among them. Rehab centers offer intensive recovery programs that help residents overcome addictions by following strict rules and regulations. Halfway houses usually require that residents complete a formal rehab treatment program and they limit the amount of time residents can stay to 12 months. Consistent drug and alcohol abuse take a toll on your appearance, wreaking havoc on your skin, weight, teeth, eyes, hair, and more. Interestingly enough, you may not even realize all the negative effects drugs and alcohol have had on your appearance until you stop using them and start to see changes. With time, living a sober life can take years off of your appearance, which can also help boost your self-esteem. Although improving your appearance shouldn’t be the only reason you choose to get sober and stay that way, it’s a great perk that comes with it. In a drug rehab program, there is structure, there is routine, and there are people who are like you and behind you, motivating you and supporting your choice to live sober each and every day. This structure and support – in combination with thoughtful, personal goals – are the driving force behind the recovery process. 2 years ago I became physically dependant for the first time.

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